When the CDC says ‘No’: Australians will be told no to the coronavirus vaccine

When the CDC says ‘No’: Australians will be told no to the coronavirus vaccine

Australian researchers are urging the government to drop its long-standing insistence that Australians will get the new coronaviruses vaccine.

The new vaccines are due to be rolled out nationwide by the end of this month.

But the Australian Vaccine Advisory Group (AVAG) has warned the government not to go ahead with the rollout, warning there is a risk of public distrust of the vaccines.

“We need to be able to say that we are not telling people that this is safe and that we think it is a safe vaccine and we need to know that,” Avag president and CEO Professor Anthony Fauci said.

“If we have to go through the process of saying no to this then we have done it wrong.”

The group says there is no evidence the new vaccines will be safe or effective in the short term.

“There are no evidence that the vaccines are likely to be effective for a long time,” Professor Fauccis said.

“So, I think it’s best not to start vaccinating people who are at risk of contracting the new pandemic before we have all the data.”

The new coronivirus vaccine has been the subject of intense controversy, with experts arguing it is the best available for the long term.

There are more than 70 coronaviral vaccines currently available in Australia, but most of them are not available in all states.

There has also been a backlash from the pharmaceutical industry over the cost of the new products.

A recent poll by the Australian Industry Group for Health and Wellbeing found more than 60 per cent of Australians are against the introduction of the coroniviral vaccines.

Dr Fauffi says there has been a significant shift in public opinion towards vaccinating for the new vaccine.

“The general public, the younger the age group, the more likely they are to be against the idea of vaccinating against the new variant of the pandemic,” he said.

The AVAG also said there is also a significant risk the vaccine may be unsafe in some people.

“I think it also raises the concern about how much the vaccines actually help with the prevention of infection, as opposed to the reverse,” Professor Flaucci said.

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