When the vaccine hits the market, New York is a few months away from seeing a major public health victory

When the vaccine hits the market, New York is a few months away from seeing a major public health victory

The New York City Department of Health has signed a new five-year, $5.2 billion contract with a privately held vaccine company to manufacture the first dose of a New York-approved vaccine that can fight the coronavirus.

The contract, which is a result of an agreement reached in July between New York’s state and county health departments, includes $300 million to make the vaccine, according to a statement.

New York has seen two new coronaviruses in its history.

The first was the coronivirus that killed an estimated 8,700 people in the United States in 2014.

The second was the pandemic that killed roughly 4.6 million people in China in 2009.

“The first New York vaccine was approved in 2010.

The state has seen more than 3,000 vaccine cases since then, and we’ve seen the number of new cases increase,” New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo said in a statement Tuesday.

“Today’s announcement marks another major step forward in protecting New Yorkers from the most common form of coronaviral disease and will continue to make New Yorkers safer and more secure.”

The contract with Gilead Sciences was signed on Tuesday.

The New Jersey-based company manufactures a vaccine called AZT-23 that is used in the treatment of the disease.

The New York state contract comes after New York approved a second dose of the vaccine earlier this month.

Cuomo said the first vaccine is not likely to be available for more than a few weeks.

The state also is working to find a way to produce the vaccine in the US, said Gov.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

The two states are expected to start the production process for the new vaccine in mid-November.

The new contract is a continuation of the $2 billion New York and New Jersey state-level contract that began in 2016.

The first vaccine was a vaccine approved in 2007 that was administered to patients at New York Presbyterian Hospital and the Queens University Hospital.

The two New York states are still working on a second vaccine, but the state is expected to begin production soon, according the state health department.

The deal with Gisele is expected in the coming weeks.

The Giselis said it plans to begin manufacturing the vaccine within three to six months, the statement said.

The vaccine is being manufactured at the Giselem Biotechnology and Biological Products company in the city.

The contract also covers the costs of producing the vaccine for the United Kingdom, according a statement from Giseleg.

The Giseles said they expect to begin shipping the vaccine by mid-April.

The US is currently battling the outbreak, which has killed more than 8,000 people, including more than 1,000 children.

The disease is believed to have originated in the southern United States, with people in New York, California and Texas being among the hardest hit.

In July, New Yorkers began to receive a vaccine that was tested on the New York streets.

It was the first time the city had used the vaccine as part of a public health effort.

Since then, more than 10 million doses have been administered to the public, and nearly 90 percent of them have been successful.

In August, Cuomo said New York State had more than 6,000 cases of the coronovirus, a rate far exceeding the national average.

The governor also said that more than 5,000 new cases of coronoviruses have been identified since the beginning of the pandemics.

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