Why some companies are buying vaccine stocks before the coronaviruses’ arrival

Why some companies are buying vaccine stocks before the coronaviruses’ arrival

Some U.S. pharmaceutical and biotech companies are getting in early, stockpiling vaccines for coronaviral infections that are expected to hit the U.K. and Canada this month, before the pandemic is over.

The U.B.C. Biotech and Biotechnology Innovation Fund (BBIF) has purchased shares in six of the top five vaccine companies: Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Amgen, Merck and Eli Lilly.

Valeant is one of the largest drug makers in the U, with $15.8 billion in sales in 2017. 

On Monday, the biotech and biotechnology fund raised $4.8 million in two separate funds that specialize in health care technology investments.

The first was an investment in the medical device company GSK, which has been the subject of controversy over safety and efficacy of its vaccines. 

The fund also has investments in Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and AstraZeneca, according to a Bloomberg news report. 

In addition, the BBIF has invested in companies that produce and distribute vaccines, according a BBIFS statement. 

Some companies are also raising money for vaccines, including the biopharmaceutical company AstraMed, which plans to invest $5.2 million in the company, according the Bloomberg report.

AstraMD plans to develop its first vaccine this year, which will be the first to use the coronavalvirus vaccines and the pneumococcal vaccines, the Bloomberg article said. 

There are other companies that are already raising money to buy vaccines.

One of the best-known companies is Biogen, which recently announced plans to sell a batch of vaccines that include two vaccines that have been licensed by the U-K.

government to help contain the pandemics. 

Another company that’s selling vaccines is Merck, which raised $5 million in 2017 from the BVI Fund, a biopharma fund that invests in pharmaceuticals, the BioNova report said. 

 The BBIFs vaccines are now in clinical trials in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. 

 AstraZeneca said in a statement that it is still evaluating the safety and effectiveness of the two vaccines.

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