SAN DIEGO VACCINE: The story of San Diego’s deadly pandemic

SAN DIEGO VACCINE: The story of San Diego’s deadly pandemic

SAN DIECO (AP) — In the midst of the pandemic, San Diego became the first city in the nation to use the city’s largest vaccine production facility.

Its success was fueled by the city council’s decision to expand the vaccine production program to include vaccines for the citywide flu.

The county’s immunization rates climbed in the spring, even as the pandemics slowed.

The city also became the fourth in the state to use two vaccines produced by San Diego-based San Diego Flu Research.

The new program, called San DiegoVax, has grown in size and scope since it was announced in January.

It has been deployed in cities across the state and more than 200 communities across the country, including a handful of cities in San Diego County.

About 3 million doses have been produced, with about 5 million in use nationwide.

San Diego has already been credited with boosting vaccine production in other states, including California, which has seen a spike in vaccine demand since the pandemaker began.

The vaccine was approved in the United States for use in a subset of people with moderate to severe flu, and it was approved for use with a subset that was considered at risk of contracting the pandemer strain.

The program has been expanded to include a vaccine for people who have mild or moderate flu symptoms.

The expanded vaccine program is intended to ensure that the county can protect all of its residents, said Dan Hensley, a spokesman for the county health department.

The move comes after the county received an additional 1 million doses from the San Diego Vaccine Co. in early July.

The company, which produces the vaccine in the city of Los Angeles, also plans to distribute the vaccine for sale to other county governments.

The first San Diego vaccine was licensed in the 1980s.

The County Health Department, which administers the county’s vaccines, said that its primary goal was to produce the vaccine that would be needed to protect all San Diegans.

The department said the first injection was administered to about 8,000 people, who received about 8.5 million doses in total.

Hensy said the county expects to deliver about 15 million doses next year.

He said that the first shot for the vaccine is being distributed by the county to county hospitals.

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