When you need to know if you are pregnant, vaccinated or not – Publix vaccinates its customers, but what to do if you’re not?

When you need to know if you are pregnant, vaccinated or not – Publix vaccinates its customers, but what to do if you’re not?

by Times Now editor and researcher Sanjiv Mishra (Akshay Thakur)The vaccine for the flu has been given out in all of India since September last year.

It is being offered free of charge to all residents in the country.

There have been more than 6,500,000 doses distributed and the number of vaccinated is around 17 million.

But what if you want to avoid the flu, but you are not yet vaccinated?

The vaccine can be a lifesaver for those who are not vaccinated, but there are many others who do not have the option to get vaccinated and have to take time to get their vaccines.

Some people, like former diplomat Rajiv Sharma, are unable to get the vaccine.

He says he is happy to get it but wants the government to ensure that the price is affordable for those people.

“They are making money by charging Rs 2,000 per dose and Rs 5,000 for the 2nd dose.

If you can get vaccinated in under one month, then you should be able to get Rs 1,000-1,500 for the 3rd dose.

But the price of the vaccine is not affordable.

The government should ensure that it is affordable,” Sharma said.

Rajiv Sharma has been a diplomat for over 30 years and lives in a luxury villa in Varanasi, a city in the south of India.

He said he would like to get a vaccine.

But since he has not been vaccinated, he has to go for a shot in a public place.

“It is not fair that people cannot get vaccinated, they should get vaccinated when they are healthy.

But then it becomes a problem when they have complications.

If they get vaccinated for complications, they will not be able get the vaccination,” Sharma added.

The Indian Express reports that about 90 per cent of the people in the nation are currently not vaccinated.

A total of 10 lakh people have been vaccinated but not enough is being distributed, according to the government website.

Sharma says that if he is given a second dose, he would get vaccinated.

“There is no option for those not vaccinated because of the price.

If we vaccinate everyone, there will be a problem with the number.

If the government gives the vaccine at Rs 2 per dose, it will cost Rs 2.5 crore,” he said.

But the government has not given any specific numbers on the number who are able to receive the vaccine, or on how many people have received the vaccine in the past few months.

The health ministry has said that it has taken note of the issue and is working towards ensuring that people who cannot get the vaccines can get them.

But Sharma said he is worried about the government not providing enough vaccines for those that are not ready to get them, or are unable or unwilling to get one.

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