NY Gov. Cuomo: Gov Cuomo: ‘I’ve Got to Get My Body Back’

NY Gov. Cuomo: Gov Cuomo: ‘I’ve Got to Get My Body Back’

New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo says he will seek a second opinion on the use of a vaccine for the seasonal flu that killed more than 500 people in New York City and other states.

Cuomo said Thursday he’ll seek to review the decision to use a H1N1 vaccine to protect people in the Northeast next week, according to the governor’s office.

He said he will also ask the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to investigate the decision.

Cuomo and Gov.

Tom Wolf are expected to meet with state health officials next week to discuss the use and use of the H1Ns.

Cuomo was elected governor in 2020, following the death of Gov.

Scott Walker.

The governor is a Democrat who has faced criticism from some members of his own party for not acting quickly enough to protect the state from a pandemic.

Cuomo has said that he will be “vigilant” in protecting the state.

The state has been hit hard by the virus, which is currently circulating in Europe and in parts of Asia, and has experienced some of the worst outbreaks in its history.

Cuomo announced last week that the governor would not seek re-election.

He told reporters Thursday he did not believe the virus posed a threat to the state and he was “a big believer in the science of this virus and vaccines.”

Cuomo said he has received “many questions” about the H2N2 vaccine but that he believes it is safe and that he and Wolf are “well-positioned to protect our state.”

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