The Dallas outbreak proves vaccine, measles vaccines can work, report says

The Dallas outbreak proves vaccine, measles vaccines can work, report says

Dallas — The Dallas Health Department said Friday that it has confirmed an outbreak of measles, mumps and rubella vaccine in the Dallas area, following two separate cases of measles reported in the city over the past week.

The city announced Friday that one case of measles has been confirmed, and another case of mumps has been reported.

Both cases have been isolated and have not tested positive for the disease, according to a statement from the department.

The Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport said Friday morning that two travelers who had recently traveled to Dallas were tested and cleared for travel.

The travelers were cleared for reentry and the Dallas County Health and Human Services Department said they are expected to be released from the hospital later this week.

In addition to the two confirmed cases of the disease reported in Dallas, two more people were hospitalized Friday, the department said.

No other people have been diagnosed with the disease.

Dallas County Health Commissioner Mary Beth McNeill said Thursday that the first confirmed case of the vaccine-preventable disease had been in the county, and the second was confirmed in an isolated area near the airport.

The county will be closely monitoring those who have tested positive, and that those with confirmed cases will be sent for further testing, she said.

The two confirmed confirmed cases came from the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area, according the CDC.

The CDC did not release information about the number of people who had been vaccinated.

The county had about 1,400 confirmed cases in its first six months of this year.

The second case came from an area about 10 miles north of the Dallas airport.

The Dallas hospital, which was set up after a large outbreak, was able to contain the virus quickly, McNeill told reporters.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said Friday the virus has spread “far and wide” and he urged everyone to “take their vaccination.”

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