Which of the Illinois vaccines is most effective?

The most widely-used flu vaccine in the United States is the influenza vaccine in Illinois, and it is currently in widespread use.

The vaccine has been used in the U.S. since 2006, but this year is the first year that it has been fully available in Illinois.

However, there are several other influenza vaccines available in the state, and a new vaccine from Sanofi Pasteur, which has received a patent, has been given the green light to be used in Illinois as well.

According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the vaccine is 99.9 percent effective in preventing flu-like symptoms, and only 1.3 percent of people who get it develop flu-related illness.

There are no known side effects, and there is no vaccine that is more effective than this.

The most common side effects reported after receiving the vaccine are fever, sore throat, cough, and conjunctivitis, although the vaccine can be given to people who are older and healthy, and to those who are more susceptible to side effects.

There have been reports of other side effects after receiving flu vaccine, but these have not been reported to the state.

The Illinois State Board of Immunization (ISBI) has approved the new vaccine, which is being tested in Illinois for the first time.

The state is currently assessing the efficacy of the vaccine, as it will be a two-dose vaccine with a twofold increase in dose in the first week and a half.

The first dose is expected to be available to the public this week, and then a second dose will be administered in two to three weeks, according to ISBI.

The vaccine, developed by Sanofi, is an influenza vaccine that uses a different vaccine formulation.

The original vaccine was designed to prevent the influenza pandemic of 1918, but it was later found to have a number of side effects such as the development of severe complications, such as pneumonia and death.

The company has been sued over the safety of the product, and the company has recently filed for a patent for the influenza vaccines version.

The vaccines formulation is the same as the one used in Germany and Japan, and contains the same combination of molecules as that used in California.

The only difference is that the flu vaccine is being made in a lab in Germany.

The new vaccine is designed to be given as a single shot, instead of a two dose.

It is manufactured in a facility in Chicago and shipped to the United State through a pipeline, according, according the company.

According the company, the manufacturer expects to have the vaccine ready to begin its first clinical trials within the next six months.

According to the ISBI, the two doses will be available for purchase from Novartis Health and Prescription.

They are currently in the process of getting their own license to manufacture the vaccine in order to sell the vaccine at a retail store.

The new vaccine was approved in March and is expected for use by the end of the year.

The Illinois Board of Health approved the license last year.

The flu vaccine was originally developed to stop the pandemic that ravaged Europe and the U

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